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Policy Documents  

 BIDS Policy Briefs are aimed at disseminating research results to the policymakers and others stakeholders.



Managing Rice Value Chain for Improved Food Security in Bangladesh  pdf

Productivity and Efficiency of Rice Mills in Bangladesh: Economic, Social and Food Security Implications pdf

Management of Public Stock for Improved Effectiveness of PFDS in Bangladesh pdf

Growth of Rural Non-Farm Activities in Bangladesh: Implications for Household Income and Employment pdf

Farmers’ Supply Response to Prices and Non-Price Factors in Bangladesh pdf

Trade Policy and the Pattern of Trade in Bangladesh pdf

Barriers to Developing the Fisheries Sector in Bangladesh pdf

Barriers to the Development of Livestock Sector in Bangladesh  pdf



Implications for Human Development - Impacts of Food Price Volatility on Nutrition and Schooling pdf

Price Support, Domestic Procurement Programme and Public Stock Management pdf

Rice Technologies: Strategic Choices and Policy Options pdf

Input Prices, Subsidies and Farmers' Incentives pdf

Rethinking Food Security Strategy: Self-sufficiency or Self-reliance  pdf